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'His superb, clinical production and unique style fuses the sweet sounds of labels such as 'Forensic' and 'Plastic City', creating a crisp, punchy sound, delivering drum programming which points you firmly in the direction of the dancefloor'.
New review by Dot Media


As Erik was growing up, he always encountered the same question in life. How to combine his love for Synthesizers and a way to make people happy. In his teenage years, House music just started poking its nose around his suburban neighborhood, and alas, Erik now knew what he had to do. Around 1992, Erik started making techno and house with Greg Price, a prominent Vancouver drummer who also had an interest in the early forms of Detroit and UK musical styles and started a project called Phaedra.

In 1995, after the first CD was released, titled 'Sommeil' (bluwasys prod), Phaedra went on to playing performances/djing across North America, opening for such visionaries as Derek May, Kevin Saunderson, Spacetime Continuum, Meat Beat Manifesto, EBN, Paul Johnson, Russ Gabriel, Frankie Bones, Astral Matrix, Moby, Hybrid, Haujobb, Dhs, Donald Glaude and many others at countless parties, clubs and outdoor festivals. After completing a handful of remixes and compilations and selling out of the 2000 copies of their CD, Phaedra signed with Quantum Loop Rec. in SF. The project was renamed Hemisphere and appeared on the DarkTekno909 Compilation in 1997. Other appearances included a compilation for Lowdown Rec. (Vancouver) as Phaedra and a remix for Numb on Metropolis Rec. (NY) during 1997/1998.

Hemisphere then released their debut EP 'selftitled' cd/12" for Quantum Loop. This was followed by a 12" remix single including a remix by DJ Ufo (phuncatek Crew SF), all dist. by Caroline US/Outside Ca.

After continuing to perform live and DJ from 1998 to 1999, Erik then went on to DJ and perform by himself under various monikers in attempt to attract the attention of the record labels that really mattered to him. While recording a follow up to an earlier single Erik released, the new material caught the ear of UK House/Tek legend/DJ Ralph Lawson (20:20Vision/backtobasics/Soma). Erik quickly finished his EP and signed on to 20:20 Vision Recordings as The Weekend Warrior (Vis063). Released July 2001, Stylemaker/Western Harmoniks has already tickled the fancy of a few well known DJ's and has started charting on most charts in the UK at #8. (see charts and press) With the next EP almost completed and a full length in the works, Erik has been talking to some other legendary labels, and is no doubt bound to find himself making trax for a few well respected outfits in the US and UK, this year.

But this is all the technical stuff. As Erik listed above, he likes getting into trouble, so you can pretty much count on action packed live performances and DJ appearances, somehow trying to combine his love for Trans ams, Synthesizers, Trouble and of course Girls.