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Erik West/The Weekend Warrior
-'Stylemaker' 12" ep 20:20 Vision Recordings UK Dist. by Amato. 2001
-Work in Progress: 'Nightime Negotiation' ep due Sept. 2001...

-Darktekno 909 compilation cd/12" 'shape of things' Quantum Loop Rec. SF Dist. by Caroline/Watts/Outside 1998
-'Self-titled' ep cd/12" Quantum Loop Rec. SF Dist. by Caroline/Outside 1998
-'Scetch' 12" single/remix Quantum Loop Rec. SF by Watts/Caroline/Outside feat. remix by DJ UFO (phuncatek crew SF) 1999

-'Sommeil' cd full length - bluwasys prod.(indi) dist. by HMV Ca. - ( sold 2000 copies in N.A.) 1995
-Remix of Numb's Blind on Blind ep Metropolis Rec. NY dist by Caroline/Outside 1997
-Themes from a common dream compilation 'shapes' Lowdown Rec. Canada 1997
-Soundtrack - 'Juicy Danger meets Burning Man' A&E documentary on Burning Man festival 'memoryman' Socan/Ascap 1998